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BuildingBITs is the first platform of its kind that allows anyone, regardless of their level of income or net worth, to be able to select and purchase a class of Common BITs that represents the ownership of the economic rights of each wholly-owned subsidiary that holds title to the specific Property, with profits and losses of the subsidiary flowing up to you and other Bit Holders.  Our platform provides investors with the power to choose, the power to decide which BITs to buy, similar to how one chooses stocks or any items in an online store for that matter. 

And the beauty of it is that you can start investing into the economic rights of multi-million-dollar buildings with as little as just $500.  And we are not talking about some fund or pool of assets, but a specific building you can choose on our platform that might be just down the street from your house or your work.  So you don’t have to read the articles in the mainstream media about how some individual or company made outsized returns in real estate, and actually get in on the action.  

Any serious investment strategy typically includes a focus on three things: preservation of capital, providing a return on investment, and diversification. Real estate, while just one part of a quality investment strategy, provides the opportunity to touch all three. Even better, we provide a proprietary analysis and the latest technology, so you can get multiple different metrics to help you better understand and review your options. 

We are BBB Accredited Business and SEC qualified.