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The Bits Advantage


When it comes to investing there is one category of investments that has had such high costs that most small investors were blocked from participating—commercial real estate. If you didn't have millions of dollars lying around, then you couldn't buy a large commercial building, that is not until now.

We’ve built a drawbridge over the moat that prevented most of us from buying commercial real estate. Through the use of a BIT, your fractional ownership share.

For as little as $500 you can not only play real-life Monopoly, you can potentially earn monthly income in real money, not play money. But unlike Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) that just take your money and then invest it as they see fit, with BuildingBITs you actually get to be in the driver's seat and select the buildings you like from our growing menu of options.

Even better, we provide a proprietary analysis technology so you can get multiple different metrics to help you better understand and review your options. BuildingBITs: It pays to own.