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BuildingBITS has everything you need to build your own real estate investment portfolio just like the high net worth investors have done for years BUT WITHOUT the hassles of property management, rent collection, capital expenditures and much more. When you buy with BITs you're investing in the best part of Real Estate... the equity interest!  Here's how it works...


Unlike other investment sites where you can only invest in a portfolio of properties -- without any say in properties, tenants, valuation etc.. --  BuilingBITs lets YOU build your own portfolio and/or complement your current investment strategy by choosing the exact property YOU want.

It’s so easy. You just browse through our catalog of investment properties. Each property has detailed information about key investment attributes such as tenants, location, financials, and more. With so much information at hand, you can choose a property that is in alignment with your unique investment needs as well as any personal preferences you have about building location, style, and tenants.  



Your path to becoming a real estate magnate begins with the purchase of your first BIT. That’s what we call our fractional ownership share.

BuildingBITs sells a finite number of BITs in each property and smart investors will come together to help reach the property Funding Goal. By leveraging the power of the crowd it makes it possible to invest as little as $500 or as much as you want.

When you make your initial BITs purchase your BITs are reserved and held in escrow until the funding goal is met. So if you find a property you love and want to put your investment into action, you can share your building with friends, family members and encourage them to become BIT Holders like you. Once you, your friends and other smart investors buy all the available BITs... the fun begins!



Once the Issuer no longer accepts new investors into that the class of BITs for that specific Property LLC, the building is closed. Once all closing documents are completed and received from the seller, your reserved BITs are now fully Acquired and become eligible for dividends and appreciation. You will see your Property Status change on your Dashboard and start receiving regular reporting via your BuildingBITs Dashboard. 

And as an official BIT Holder, you will be eligible to make comments and post helpful feedback for anyone else considering investment on the site. 




You can manage each BITs investment you own via your BuildingBITs member dashboard. As you invest in more BuildingBITs investment opportunities you can monitor and track the impact on your overall diversification efforts across multiple categories including -- income and expense, distributions, region, asset type, and even our proprietary BB Rating ratio. 

You'll have all the information you need to track the growth and diversification of your investment strategy!




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