BuildingBits || How It Works

How It Works


BuildingBITS takes advantage of new laws and advanced technology that makes it possible for many people to pool their resources and join hands to do something that none of them could do on their own - invest in large commercial real estate market.  Before you know it, you (and thousands of others just like you) will be investing in commercial real estate securities in your hometown and across the United States.  And you can leave the rest up to the seasoned team at BuildingBits to handle, everything from the management of the buildings to the distribution of monthly rents.

After reviewing the buildings offered on this site, BuildingBITs investors like you reserve to purchase a share — called a BIT. When enough BITs are reserved to put a purchase in motion, your reserved BITs are funded by the escrow account held by a registered, licensed third-party company.

After the property is closed, you become the owner of a class of Common Bits that represents the ownership of the economic rights of each wholly-owned subsidiary that holds title to the specific Property, with profits and losses of the subsidiary flowing up to you and other Bit Holders. You can review monthly income from leases, examine expenses and receive a share of the income after expenses, which will be paid into your account.


If you consider yourself to be a savvy person and one who can make decisions for yourself then you are probably also the type who selects which stocks to buy, rather than just buying what the Pundits are telling you to buy.  If you believe in a product or company and it's vision, be it Apple or Tesla, you buy shares of that one company, not a fund that has them as one of their investments.  That’s the problem with REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), someone else is selecting the property instead of you. But it gets worse, REITs often tack on all kinds of fees and there is very little transparency.  You really don't know how much of your money is going to pay off brokers and managers, rather than being invested directly into buildings. 

BuildingBITs is different. You choose the property, how many BITs you want to buy. You know exactly where each dollar goes.  Imagine that, you reap all the benefits of ownership without the hassles of being an actual owner. Because you are buying a share of an economic interest (not the actual property), you don't have to deal with the hassles of tenants, maintenance, or even collecting rent. 


BuildingBITs harnesses the power of the masses, significantly reducing the size of the required investment and hence also the size of the risk, and combines the investment power of thousands of individuals with the latest technology to make the impossible acquisition by a small investor of a large commercial building actually possible.  

When enough people have invested in the property, the transaction closes and you and your fellow BITholders become owners of your BITs. You can review monthly income from leases, examine expenses, and receive your proportionate share of the income after expenses. 


Check out our current properties and secure your BITs today! Just think of the possibilities...  not to mention the bragging rights.