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How it works You Invest

When you invest on you’re buying in units of “Bits”.


Easy peasy, choose a property and invest. Sort by returns, location, proximity to where you live, type of building or just by looking at the pictures and finding the one that looks best to you. Then watch a short video clip about that specific building, check out the investment summary, building details, financials, and other related building documents. Our commitment to full transparency means you know everything you need to know about a building before you buy your BITs. 


Once you choose your building, you simply click invest at the top of the page and follow the investment process. Your money will go into escrow and as soon as the purchase of the building is finalized, you get a message telling you that you are now a proud owner of the BITs in an LLC that owns the building you selected on our platform. You can just sit back and relax and let our team do everything else from collecting the rent to making sure that the building is well maintained.  Yep, building your future, BIT by BIT.